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Ballerinas Stretching

Alef High School of the Arts, the city of Tel Aviv

Alef is one of the most prestigious schools in Israel. It is the only high school in Tel
Aviv that provides a full program in all fields of the arts. Our academic program is
rich and challenging, enabling our graduates to be admitted to all the best
universities, both in Israel and abroad. The Art studies at the school are highly
professional and our staff include some of the best artists and teachers in Israel. Our
Professional staff is committed to the ideal of helping artistically gifted young people
develop skills in their chosen field of specialization, while at the same time furthering
their academic education, on the highest level.
Alef is located in the center of Tel Aviv and is surrounded by the most important art
institutes of the city. As an Art school, it maintains special relationships with the art
institutes of the city and its students frequently visit and benefit from them.
The students in the Dance Department have professional ballet and modern dance
classes on a daily basis as well as classes in the Ohad Naharin Gaga technique.
Pilatis and other workshops with leading Israeli choreographers are also an
integrative part of their curriculum . The students get the opportunity to perform
professionally on stage several times a year.
The team of teachers is made up of very talented dedicated and experienced 
teachers ,and as well as teaching in Israel ,they all travel extensively abroad and
most of them are guest teachers and judges in competitions both in Israel and
abroad, and as a result see many talented students of all ages.
Our main goal is to provide the young dancers with the required tools for individual
and unique expression, as well as the technical tools required to become
professional dancers. The process demands self discipline and provokes a sense of
responsibility and integrity both physically as well as creatively.
We are proud to say that our Graduates are among the leading artists and dancers
on the global dance scene and dance at the highest level both in Israel and

Alef is an integrated school and its students arrive from different areas of the city.
They come from different socio-economic backgrounds, yet they all work together
and spend up to six intense and fruitful years as a group.
The school's motto is for our graduates to become concerned citizens, sensitive to
their environment, connected to the community and ready to contribute to their
fellow humans.

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